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Bachelor of Laws, Kyoto University. Graduated from Kyoto University, Law School. Admitted as an Attorney in 2007 and joined Commons Law Office. Worked in post-earthquake reconstruction as a legal affairs officer (fixed-term public servant) for Miyagi Prefectural Government and Ishinomaki City Hall from 2013 to 2021. Returned to Commons Law Office in 2022. Leveraged his experience as an attorney within the two earthquake-affected local government organizations to provide responses that suited the circumstances and needs of his clients.


  • 2022Partner, Commons Law Office
  • 2016Legal System Planning Officer, General Affairs Section, General Affairs Department, Ishinomaki City Hall
  • 2013 Chief (Legal Affairs), Private Schools Documentation Section, General Affairs Department, Miyagi Prefectural Government
  • 2007Admitted as an Attorney
    Worked for Commons Law Office
  • 2006Graduated from Kyoto University, Law School
    Entered the Legal Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
  • 2004Graduated from Faculty of Law, Kyoto University

Practice Areas

General corporate legal practice, compliance/risk management, scandal response, negotiations/litigation, contracts, labor, personal information protection, intellectual property rights

Local government legal affairs (local government compliance/risk management, scandal response, negotiations/litigation, contracts, personnel, personal information protection/information disclosure, credit management/retrieval, public housing, public projects, resident audit requests/litigation, damages compensation claims, including national compensation claims)

Seminars / Lectures

  • 2021Panelist, Pro Bono Symposium: Unlocking Pro Bono in Japan (Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Nov. 24, 2021)
  • 2021How an Attorney with No Connections to Tohoku Came to Assist in the Reconstruction Efforts in Prefectural and Municipal Governments: Ten Years After the Great East Japan Earthquake in the Eyes of an Attorney (Mar. 10, 2021; times) (Japanese)
    [External link] times website
  • 2018All About Public-Servant Attorneys, Part III: Earthquake-affected Local Government – Miyagi Prefectural Government
    (LexisNexis Japan, Mar. 2016 (succeeded by Dai-Ichi Hoki in Nov. 2018), co-author) (Japanese)
  • 2013Panelist, Symposium on the Role of Attorneys in Local Government in Miyagi (Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Jul. 8, 2013)
  • 2021Roundtable Discussion: Legal Professionals Working in Earthquake-affected Local Governments (Benseiren News, Vol. 33, July 2013)
    [External link] Political Federation of Japanese Attorneys (Benseiren) website (Japanese)
  • 2013Fixed-term Employees Begin Work in Earnest in Earthquake-affected Regions, Leveraging Expert Knowledge (newspaper article, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Jan. 29, 2013) (Japanese)

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Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association


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