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Attorney (Admitted to Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association). Passed the California Bar Exam (now under registration process). Extensive, close networks with legal professionals in various Asian nations. Provides frank advice based on long-term relationships of trust with his clients. His clients are involved in a diverse range of industries, including securities firms, newspapers, department stores, publishing houses, waste disposal operators, apparel brands, aerospace, and defense-related manufacturers, auditing firms, research firms, and trading houses. Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor, Tohoku University.


  • 2022Auditor, Fruta Fruta, Inc. (listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market)
  • 2020Partner, Commons Law Office
  • 2019LL.M., the National University of Singapore
  • 2019Intern at the law firm of Fred Kan & Co. (Hong Kong)
  • 2017Worked part-time at a first section-listed trading house
  • 2014Joined Commons Law Office
  • 2013Legal training (Osaka)
  • 2013Passed Japan’s national bar exam (in the top 0.5% in multiple choice section, top 1.8% overall)
  • 2013Graduated from the Tohoku University Law School (second in class)
  • 2011Graduated from Faculty of Law of Tohoku University (small-group seminars: finance, constitution, civil code, etc.)

Practice Areas

Litigation, general corporate legal practice, Asian law, English-language contracts, system development disputes, venture business legal practice, corporate governance, business succession, IPO, inbound investment assistance (company establishment, investment contracts, licensing agreements, etc.), responses to improprieties, various types of commercial non-contentious procedures, inheritance, criminal case


  • General Corporate Legal Practice

    Ongoing legal advice (regular/disputes) for securities firms, auditing firms, newspapers, department stores, publishing houses, waste disposal operators, apparel brands, system vendors, aerospace and defense-related manufacturers, research firms, trading houses, and many other businesses. M&A legal advisor (buyer/seller) for listed and unlisted companies. Provides regular legal advice in conjunction with legal firms in Asian countries, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Assistance for corporate governance development and disclosure for multiple listed companies. Business succession support. IPO support. Inbound investment support for investors from overseas (company establishment, investment contracts, licensing agreements, etc.). Response to improprieties in listed and unlisted companies. Commencement of bankruptcy proceedings by creditors as a principal creditor (claim recovery through avoidance of prejudicial acts). Support for collective bargaining with labor relations commission. Various types of commercial non-contentious procedures.

  • Disputes

    Represented the respondent in legal action concerning warranty against defects in a real estate transaction worth several billion yen, involving a listed company (the court rejected the case). Proceedings based on infringement of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act by the first section-listed company (settled in favor of client). Represented litigant in a large-scale fraudulent accounting case (victory for the client). Application for relief order to labor relations commission (settlement in favor of client). Represented foreign-capital company in labor tribunal proceedings (settlement in favor of client).

  • Criminal Cases

    Suspicion of crime against the officer of foreign-capital company (client not prosecuted).Defended the accused in many cases of restraint, securing release on bail, prevention of detention, overturning of detention, overturning of extension of detention, etc.

Seminars / Lectures

  • 2019Corporate Compliance Challenges in the Midst of the Pandemic (English)
  • 2019Relief for minority shareholders from oppression by majority shareholders (English)
  • 2018Corporate governance reform in Japan and its challenges(English)
  • 2017Blockchain technology and the relevant law (Japanese)
  • 2015Basics of contract law for legal practice of listed companies (Japanese)

and Memberships

  • Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association Financial Instruments and Exchange Act Committee International Exchange Committee
  • Japan Federation of Bar Associations Secretary, International Activities Council (-2019)
  • LAWASIA Emerging Lawyers Committee (Vice Chair, founding member) Tokyo Conference 2017 Organizing Committee (- 2017)
  • Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA)


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